The "Rudimental Remedies Total Experience"

Saturday Rudimental Drumming Master Classes

with Dr. Throwdown!

These classes will focus on rudimental drumming using

Dr. Throwdown's Rudimental Remedies Book/Tracks/DVD

There are three levels of classes:

First 15 Weeks - Beginner

Second 15 Weeks - Intermediate 

Third 15 Weeks - Advanced

Fourth 15 Weeks - Ludicrously Advanced

Dr. Wooton will be going methodically through his book, Rudimental Remedies, covering every exercise at every tempo over the three semesters (15 weeks each).  He will also be introducing various snare drum solos for further study.

Classes are done through Zoom

The video tutorial for the week will be sent to you a week in advance and at the lesson we discuss questions from the lesson. This is a unique opportunity for you to get direct feedback from Dr. Throwdown.  Once these lessons are done, the videos will be available for replay, subscription. 

Once you pay, you are registered for the class and will be sent a Zoom invitation. 

Classes will be held Saturdays at 11:00am CST

We are currently on week 24 but all previous lessons are available with a subscription. 

You can register for the 15 weeks for $300
You can register for a LIFETIME Subscription for $550.  
This will give you access to all previous and future videos. 
I am only offering this to 19 people.
First come first serve and there are currently 5 seats available.

A single lesson will only give you access to that week's video.

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15 Weeks of Classes and access to all videos for life on 

Saturdays at 11:00am CST


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Classes and access to those videos.

Saturdays at 11:00am CST


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11:00am CST

$25 (This only gives you access to the particular lesson you choose.)