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Hello Potential New Student!

 Choose your plan and here is

What You Get!

Access to all video tutorials, including Rudimental Remedies Total Experience (over 50 hours of video tutorials), Wilcoxon Solos, Dr. Wooton's personal solos, ancient snare drum solos, Marty Hurley solos, drum set application,

and much much more. 

Participate in our Forum and share your experience. 

Receive direct instruction from Dr. Wooton and other professionals. 

Master classes with Dr. Wooton that will be held periodically,

usually on Saturdays at 11:00am CST (5:00GMT), but we will try to accommodate all. 



Pay month to month,

stop whenever you like. 



All access for one year.



All access for ever!

Best Value

What is the "Rudimental Remedies Total Experience"

These video classes will focus on rudimental drumming using

Dr. Throwdown's Rudimental Remedies Book/Tracks/DVD

There are three levels of classes:

First 15 Videos - Beginner

Second 15 Videos - Intermediate 

Third 15 Videos - Advanced

Fourth 15 Videos - Ludicrously Advanced

Dr. Wooton will be going methodically through his book, Rudimental Remedies, covering every exercise at every tempo over the three semesters (15 videos each).  He will also be introducing various snare drum solos for further study and much, much more.

Master Classes will be held periodically and are done through Zoom.

Classes are generally held on Saturdays at 11:00am CST, however days and times may change to accommodate members. 

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