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The "Throwdowner" Stick!

The most ergonomic marching percussion stick in the world!  Newly designed with a contour that fits perfectly in your hand whether you play matched grip or traditional grip. This stick has an oval bead with a long taper on the shoulder and it is 17" long with two strips of lead tape on the back end to make the stick feel lighter than it actually is.  The oval bead gives you a big sound, the weight on the back gives you speed and endurance and the contour gives you maximum comfort... All things I love! 


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Da Cajun Practice Pad is HERE!

The only practice pad with a beverage holder, smart phone or tablet holder, carrying handle, easy positioning for matched or traditional grip and Dr. Throwdown's famous quote on da back side "Slow it down, Break it down, so you can THROW IT DOWN!" 


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Dr. Throwdown's Rudimental Remedies

2 hour DVD, 951 Play-along tracks and book.  Includes 25 lessons each covering a certain technique and/or rudiment.  Every exercise has a play-along track set in 7 tempos. From "Tempo del Learno" to "Ludicrous Speed." So, there is something for everyone.  Great for total beginners and challenging for advanced players.  Here are some video demos...

Book & DVD



E Book (includes tracks)


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The Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book This book is packed full of lessons and exercises. Neatly organized into 41 different sections, this book covers rudiments, one-handed exercises, stick control, timing, relaxation, odd-groupings, back sticking, & tenor drumming. Exercises used by the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, PAS National Champion Marching Percussion Ensembles The University of North Texas and The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. A must for the private instructor and band director. Many have referred to this book being the “Arban book for drummers.”



E Book


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Rudimental Clave

I originally wrote this solo in 1995 but recently had some interest from some students so I rearranged, composed new material, wrote a Latin Percussion Quartet accompaniment and made a play along track for when you don't have a quartet to accompany you. It's a lot of fun and quite challenging. A great senior recital piece that the crowd will enjoy.  

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John Wooton's Snare Drum Solos Collection 

This is a collection of solos written by Wooton, but also includes a couple of ancient solos that Dr. Throwdown believes are essential to a rudimental drummer’s repertoire. Titles Include: 

Africa Hot, Werd, Mississippi Rudimental Blues, Mississippi Orchestral Blues, Rudimental Clave, Rudiments Rule, Olivia's Opus, King of the Nile, Phantom Cajuns, Crazy Army, Downfall of Paris, What the Hell Were We Thinking?


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Marty Hurley's "Festival Solos" 

Nine rudimental snare solos by the great educator and player, Marty Hurley.  Best known for his work with the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps, but was also a great educator of young drummers in the New Orleans area.  These are some of his finest solos ranging from grade II to VI+.  Titles include:

First Flight - Grade II     

Lava Flow - Grade III          

Sonny's Solo - Grade IV        

Abu's Bash - Grade IV                

The Clave King - Grade IV


Sorry but this book is available as a hard copy only.

Crash Landing - Grade IV+

The Tower of Terror - Grade V

Scud Attack - Grade VI

The Mambo King - Grade VI+

Olivia's Opus jpg.jpg

Olivia's Opus

This is an intermediate rudimental/orchestral/Latin snare drum solo that I wrote for my daughter, Olivia. Lots of cool effects and comes with percussion trio accompaniement (drum set and two percussionists). High school to college level. Great recital material!

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Full Score and all parts

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Duet To It PNG.png

Duet To It! 

This is a snare drum and tenor drums (quints) duet that I wrote for me and my son to play at his school. It is more fun than challenging.  Available only as a pdf download.


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Jammin' in the Street

10 Street beats easy to advanced. 

Bugay,  Hockit, Summer Camp, Pride Jam!, The Moose is Loose, Street Jam, In The Slot, Level Four, Street Shuffle, Forget It!

Pride Jam & Level Four:

Street Jam:




Dr. John's Road Grooves

6 Street beats medium to advanced. 

Hip Hop Shebop                 Ole School Funk

Hardly A Waltz                    Ee Gadd

Summer Drummin'            Escher Sketch

Hip Hop Shebop:

Hardly A Waltz: