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Rudimental Drumming/Marching Percussion

June 8 - 19

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Dr. John Wooton

Camp Director

Due to Covid 19 the University of Southern Miss Campus in Hattiesburg is closed for the Summer. So, we didn't want anyone missing out on Summer Drummin' and we have decided to do the camp online.  No, it won't be the same. Some of the best parts about Summer Drummin' like making new friends and playing on pads in the dorm will not be possible this year.  But on the upside, we can still drum! Classes will be held in private Zoom sessions and the staff is world class. Dr. Wooton will be able to teach many of the classes because he won't be running around doing administrative work. 


The Marching Percussion Camp focuses on rudiments, good rudimental technique for the individual and teaches individuals ensemble awareness.  This camp is unique because individuals are placed in a group with others equal to their abilities.  This allows each individual to get the most out of the instruction from the camp. 


Beginner, intermediate, advanced, young, old, it doesn't matter. You can choose your level so you are with others with like ability.  BAND DIRECTORS are more than welcome and are encouraged to attend. You can rate yourself on the registration form. Be honest with your rating so that you are not overwhelmed or bored. 

The camp is organized so that everyone goes to three classes each day, Mass Ensemble at 9:00am for everyone and then two other sessions. The times of the other sessions will depend on their self rating. Spreading the camp over two weeks gives everyone a chance to study with Dr. Wooton and each of the other camp instructors. 


Week 2, June 15 - 19... Only $175

T-shirt, Camp Book, Virtual Drum Line and Instruction. 


Refunds, minus a $25, are available up to June 1 , 2020 

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  • The Marching Percussion Camp is for all ages 

  • Everyone gets a REALLY COOL T-SHIRT!

  • 10 different levels

  • Private lessons available

  • Master classes on various percussion instruments 

  • Virtual Drum line featuring YOU!


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